EDTP(Q75)N,N,N'N'-tetra(2-hydropropyl)ethylene diamine
  EDTP(Q75)N,N,N'N'-tetra(2-hydropropyl)ethylene diamine
  CAS No.102-60-3

Serial number F002
Trade name EDTP
Chemical name N,N,N’N’-tetra(2-hydropropyl)ethylene diamine
Molecular formula C14H32N2O4
Assay 75%
Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid
related [email protected]°C 1.04-1.06
refractive [email protected]°C 1.4470-1.4570
PH value 7.5-8.5
Application It is soluble in water easily, and the aqueous solution showes alkaline,Which is primarily used as complexing agent for chemical Cu plating.