HBOPS-Na(3-(2-butyne-1-ol)-sulfopropyl ether, sodium salt)
  HBOPS-Na(3-(2-butyne-1-ol)-sulfopropyl ether, sodium salt)
  CAS No.90268-78-3

Serial number D013
Trade name HBOPS-Na
Chemical name 3-(2-butyne-1-ol)-sulfopropyl ether, sodium salt
Molecular formula C7H11O5SNa
Molecular weight 230.2
CAS No. 90268-78-3
Assay 50%
Appearance Brown yellow transparent liquid
related [email protected]°C 1.11-1.16
PH value 10.5-11.5
refractive [email protected]°C 1.4720-1.4840
Application As an acetylenic compound , it is used as leveling agent and secondary brightener in the formulation of electrolytic watts bright nickel baths. It is usually combined with saccarin, PPS, PPSOH.